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Title: disconnect & self-destruct
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Thor / Marvel
Pairing/s, Character/s: Loki, Thor, slight Loki/Thor
Rating: G
Word Count: approx. 1100 (i wrote it in Gdocs, which apparently counts contraction as two words, so.)
Summary: so i accidentally became obsessed with Loki and Thor and their relationship after watching the Avengers. And then all the songs I was listening to reminded me of them, so... I made a fanmix, and wrote a drabble to accompany each song choice. Like you do. And then I kept getting distracted by tumblr so it took like a week to complete, I am so glad it's finally done. I'm not 100% happy with it but it is so long since I wrote anything at all that I can't help but be a little pleased. I hope you enjoy! any problems with the download link, just let me know.

Loki Odinsson is silver, draped in shadow.Collapse )

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Title: The Pros and Cons of a Practical Day Job
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: n/a; original.
Pairing/s, Character/s: n/a
Rating: G/PG (some mild swearing)
Word Count: 936
Summary: A world-weary office worker contemplates his career. (It's more interesting than it sounds, I promise!)
Comments: inspired by this comment on sarahtales's epic q&a post. I'm not really happy with the way it turned out; it doesn't do what I want it to do, but I really like the premise, so I might try to rework it at some point and see what happens.

It isn't so much that he misses the scorch-marks.Collapse )

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14 January 2008 @ 04:44 pm
Title: And this is how it begins...
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s, Character/s: Pansy Parksinson and Justin Finch-Fletchley
Rating: G/PG
Word Count: 1077
Summary: intro/background piece for new RPG characters in which Justin and Pansy bond for the first time. Set when they're around 18ish, I think.
Comments: for the creche. :)

Catch them in their natural habitat, he thought idly of Slytherins, and they’re just like other people.Collapse )
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27 July 2007 @ 08:48 pm
Title: An Introdution To Drawing In Charcoal
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s, Character/s: Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood
Rating: G
Word Count: 1159
Summary: Dean and Luna bond over art during their stay at Shell Cottage.
Comments: SPOILERS FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. Probably. Erm. Also, this is the first thing I've written in a Very Long Time, so it might be crap. I was just so excited to actually finish writing something I had to post it!

He's struck with a sudden urge to draw her, beautiful there, silhouetted against the cliff edge in the setting sun...Collapse )
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22 November 2006 @ 06:00 pm
Title: A Faerie Tale in Several Parts
Sub-title: Part I: An Introduction
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: n/a
Rating: G - possibly will get up to an R as it progresses.
Word Count: 693
Summary: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...
Comments: I doubt that anyone other than me and people I know IRL will truly appreciate this. So just read it, perhaps, as a bit of fun.

Part I: An IntroductionCollapse )
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14 May 2006 @ 02:54 pm
night out    (a poem)

spinning, dancing wildly, with sweat-slicked skin and
glitter streaked high across one cheekbone;
glossed lips slightly parted, deep red with warm pink cheeks,
eyes bright, laughing and dilated from alcohol and
amazement at the sparkling world surrounding.
a twist, a turn on the dance floor and
brush of hand on lower back, hint of breath on back of neck;
a gasp, quiet intake of breath from hands slipping lower,
sliding lips on melting skin and -
throbbing beat of too-loud music, hand in hand together
swaying, oh, undulating, to beat that
doesn't quite match; pounding of heart as
you're led into darkness, stars on back of eyelids and
back pressed against secret walls,
wet trail of tongue along throat and taste of glitter, sweat and
perfume, hint of salt and something else.
twisting, turning, burning and hands on thighs, fingers stroking,
sliding, smooth and hot in hidden depths and -
whispered words, velvet voice dripping from lips and
tracing filthy lies across blazing skin, ignited
lights and white-hot liquid fire through frenzied veins;
feathery touches on sensitive, eager skin;
graze of teeth, tongue and lips, fevered kisses and
sparks of light and fire behind closed eyelids
hot wet parted lips and slick slide of tongues with
hands moving, sliding, pressing deeper, further,
breathless gasps, a sigh, silken moan of pleasure and -

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16 October 2005 @ 12:14 pm
Title: Five Things That Never Happened to Justin Finch-Fletchley
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s, Character/s: Justin Finch-Fletchley (Megan Jones, Zacharias Smith)
Rating: G/PG-13
Word Count: 786
Summary: [What if - ?]

Five Things That Never Happened to Justin Finch-FletchleyCollapse )

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15 October 2005 @ 09:16 pm
Title: Promises to Keep
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter (Shadow's Edge)
Pairing/s, Character/s: Justin Finch-Fletchley (Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Terence Higgs, Morag MacDougal)
Rating: G/PG-13
Word Count: 755
Summary: (I’ll keep you, he said, but he didn’t.)

Promises to KeepCollapse )

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15 October 2005 @ 01:10 pm
Title: Technicolour Dreaming
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Original/[RPG piece for Stephen Cornfoot at Out of the Fire]
Pairing/s, Character/s: Original(/Stephen Cornfoot).
Rating: G
Word Count: 377
Summary: He dreams in technicolour; he dreams with his senses. (Originally posted 19.08.2005)

...Collapse )

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15 October 2005 @ 11:55 am
Title: Something to Last.
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s, Character/s: Justin Finch-Fletchley (/OMCs, /Terry Boot, /Terence Higgs, unrequited /Zacharias Smith)
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count: 1315
Summary: Justin life, ages 15 through forever.

Something to LastCollapse )

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