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22 November 2006 @ 06:00 pm
Original; A Faerie Tale in Several Parts  
Title: A Faerie Tale in Several Parts
Sub-title: Part I: An Introduction
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: n/a
Rating: G - possibly will get up to an R as it progresses.
Word Count: 693
Summary: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...
Comments: I doubt that anyone other than me and people I know IRL will truly appreciate this. So just read it, perhaps, as a bit of fun.

Part I: An Introduction.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a magical kingdom named the Kingdom of Stokeia. There were many people in this kingdom whom followed the strict cult of Johevah, worshipping under the cult’s two leaders, the king and queen of Stokeia - King Petri and Queen Madelin de Rhodesia. This king and queen had four sons, named Philippe, Matthias, Florean and, the youngest, Jolen. Now, while Philippe was much loved by Petri and Madeline, being the eldest and heir to the throne; and Matthias was artistic and responsible, and so equally loved by his parents; and Florean, though often mischievous, was of a jovial and entertaining nature which endeared him to his parents and secured him their affections; poor young Jolen, of a quiet and calm disposition, so much younger than his older brothers, often found himself far beneath his parents’ notice. Being of such a calm nature, this fact rarely bothered him, despite his knowledge that he was his parents’ least favourite child; he merely made sure to keep out of their way so as not to provoke their irritations.

Jolen’s status as a Royal Prince meant that many of the other children his age, during his childhood, were intimidated by him, and far too shy to attempt to play with him; and Jolen’s brothers’, so much older than him, were either too busy and important (Philippe and Matthias) or too interested in their own fun and games (Florean) to play with poor Jolen; and so much of his youth, he was to be found - on the rare occasions in which somebody wished to find him - curled up on a chair in his wing of the royal castle, nose buried in a book. For Jolen, the lonely Prince de Rhodesia, loved to read. He voraciously devoured hundreds of books depicting tales of high adventure; stories of the derring-do of other princes throughout the ages - he loved to read these particular stories and imagine that it was he, Jolen de Rhodesia, who was the prince described in them, valiantly slaying the perpetrator of evil and freeing the oppressed townspeople and, finally, delivering the magical kiss to awake the beautiful faerie princess. Oh, how Jolen longed for those adventures, for the thrill of the battle and, as he began to grow older, for that beautiful fairy princess and that magical kiss.

And so Jolen dreamed that one day he would be the heroic prince that stories were told about, and though as the years passed by the fervency of his dreams dissipated, the desire remained, hidden somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind, until he reached his sixteenth year. For Jolen’s sixteenth year is when everything first began to change for him - the monotony of his life spent obeying the rules of Johevah, enforced upon him by his unloving parents, the loneliness of spending his days alone, reading in his room. It is in the autumn of this year, you see, that Jolen’s Royal parents announced that they were to be moving away from Stoketown - the main, bustling city of Stokeia, in which they had lived for all of Jolen’s life - and into a small, far-off little town named Acorn Town.

And Acorn Town, as far as Jolen was aware, was a hopeless little nothing-town, where there lived nobody of any importance and where there happened nothing of any interest, and he was at first disgusted to be moving there - at least in Stoketown he was sometimes distracted by the various hustle and bustle of the city’s comings and goings - in Acorn Town, however, he would have nothing other than his books and stories, which (despite still hoping for them to come true for him) he was admittedly beginning to grow out of.

Luckily for Jolen, however - though he did not know it at the time - the de Rhodesias' move to Acorn Town heralded the beginning of Jolen’s very own adventure, one exciting and wild enough to rival those faerie tales of old; and this is the tale of the Very Extraordinary Adventures of Prince Jolen de Rhodesia.

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baby we could rock the night alone: sleeping all the timeslumber on November 23rd, 2006 09:48 am (UTC)
You've just added one paragraph since I last read this. :| I love the mood of the story; the way you tell it is so fairy-tale-like, which is obviously what you were aiming for, which obviously means you were effective. :P Mooooooooooooore, woman. :D
the Queen of Melodrama & Irrationality: .never ever as cute as youthethirdbar on November 23rd, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
yaaaaay. i am glad i was effective. :p :p

heehee hopefully joel will receive my letter tomorrow, and i have put a handwritten copy of this in there; hopefully he will appreciate it and want more too ! :D :D