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14 January 2008 @ 04:44 pm
Harry Potter; Pansy & Justin  
Title: And this is how it begins...
Author: thethirdbar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s, Character/s: Pansy Parksinson and Justin Finch-Fletchley
Rating: G/PG
Word Count: 1077
Summary: intro/background piece for new RPG characters in which Justin and Pansy bond for the first time. Set when they're around 18ish, I think.
Comments: for the creche. :)

Ugh,” Pansy huffed, throwing herself down onto a leather couch and pouting. She was hideously bored, which wasn’t at all what she’d expected of a night out with her friends – but Draco was off shagging Daphne or Tracey or, who knew, even Millicent; possibly all three, judging by the fact that they’d all vanished, in a dark corner somewhere; Theodore was on the dancefloor, inexplicably surrounded by women; and Blaise - darling Blaise, whatever had gotten into him? - was cosying up to his pet Ravenclaw.

Which just left Pansy, on her own with her apple martini, and that annoying blond Hufflepuff friend of Terry’s whose name she could never remember. Jonathan, maybe? He sat himself down next to her, and Pansy didn’t even bother to try and hide her disdain.

“What do you want?” she asked sniffily, looking down her turned-up nose at him.

“Fancy a dance?” he asked her , grinning, entirely unfazed by her haughty attitude.

“Not with you I don’t,” she sneered, turning her back to him and sipping daintily at her drink; slopping it down her front when he put his chin on her shoulder and enquired, sounding quite innocently curious, who exactly she did intend to dance with, then ?

“All your friends are ignoring you, after all,” he added, helpfully. Pansy pursed her lips, examining the boy’s appearance as she mopped at her front with a tissue. He was quite pretty, she supposed; it wouldn’t look too bad to be seen dancing with him.

“What’s your name?” she asked, after a few seconds. He rolled his eyes.

“It’s Justin.”

Right, Justin. Well, at least she’d got the J right.

“I’m not going to sleep with you, you know,” she warned, then frowned, offended, when Justin wrinkled his nose, looking equally appalled and amused.

“I don’t want to sleep with you, silly,” he informed her, looking even more amused by her indignant expression. “I’m very, very gay,” he added. She blinked, then looked again at him. Tight white vest top; possibly even tighter denim jeans, artfully ripped across the thighs; lashings of eyeliner; and was that glitter on his cheeks? She must have had more to drink than she realised, not to have noticed sooner.

“Oh, alright then,” she relented, holding her hand out to him. He smirked and took it, pulling her to her feet and immediately swinging her into a dramatic dip.

Fabulous,” he drawled, sounding exactly like Draco - he was definitely wearing lipgloss, too, she thought - twirling her onto the dancefloor. “You know, we look quite lovely together.”

Pansy supposed they did; both of them being gorgeous, it was only understandable that they looked doubly attractive together. He was an excellent dancer, she discovered, as he pulled her close to him and gyrated to the music; and excellent company, too. Perhaps even wittier than Draco, she thought as, despite herself, she found herself laughing helplessly at some of his sly comments about the people around them, about her friends and his friends and even the bloody Gryffindors. She hoped Draco wasn’t watching - he’d be hopping mad if he saw her having such fun with a mudblood; and a Hufflepuff, no less. Pansy was giggling, dizzy and happy and more than slightly drunk as Justin dipped her again, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose at the very bottom of the dip and then pulling her up again, twirling her. They continued to dance far more extravagantly than the music required, barely aware of the stares they were eliciting. Pansy couldn’t remember the last time she had had this much fun.

Eventually, exhausted and breathless, she pulled him away from the dancefloor, ignoring his protests about ‘loving this song’, and dragged him towards the bar.

“I don’t care!” she told him laughingly, wiping sweat from her forehead. “I’m roasting, I need a drink; buy me a martini!” she demanded, adding, “Merlin, I look a mess.” She pushed her damp hair away from her face, blowing a puff of air up to her forehead.

Justin obeyed, amused; he thought she looked quite lovely, with her face flushed and shining with sweat, her chest heaving. It occurred to him that he’d probably quite fancy her right now, if he were straight; he’d never seen Pansy Parkinson smile before now, and apparently it made a huge difference. Catch them in their natural habitat, he thought idly of Slytherins as he paid for his and Pansy’s matching drinks, and they’re just like other people.

Taking her hand, he tugged her away from the bar and began to search the club for Terry and Blaise, weaving his way between the crowds of people and pulling Pansy behind him. Pansy was quite happy to follow; even happier to collapse bonelessly down onto a sofa next to Blaise when they eventually found him, still canoodling with Terry exactly where they had left them.

“Zabini, darling,” she said, slurring ever-so-slightly as she tugged gently on his hair. “Do unattach yourself from the Ravenclaw.”

He turned to face her, raising an amused eyebrow. “Pans, you’re hammered,” he told her, kissing her cheek. “What have you been up to?”

“S’his fault,” Pansy muttered, gesturing vaguely towards Justin. “Bought me drinks.” She suddenly felt as drunk as Blaise said she was, sleepy and happy.

“Finch-Fletchley, what on earth have you given her?” Blaise demanded, grinning as Justin protested that it wasn’t his fault if Slytherin girls were lightweights, and that Hannah and Susan could drink triple the amount before they started behaving like that.

“I’m not a lightweight,” Pansy protested, attempting to sit up properly and failing miserably; she gave up and remained sprawled comfortably against the leather, closing her eyes and dozing slightly.

Blaise glanced down at her sleeping figure as Justin wandered off somewhere. “She looks like she’s been having fun, at least, which is a bit of a deviation from her usual style” he remarked to Terry, a bit baffled as to how Pansy had been convinced to spend the evening with a Hufflepuff. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her red lips were curled into a tiny smile that Blaise knew was usually reserved just for one person. “Malfoy’ll be furious when he finds out,” he added.

“Justin has a way with people,” said Terry, fondly.

Draco would be furious, wouldn’t he? Pansy smiled to herself, wondering if Justin would be coming along with them the next time they went out.

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the Queen of Melodrama & Irrationality: .a free elfthethirdbar on January 14th, 2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
haven't you done it yet? i thought it was today?

(PS: juno was cute.)
baby we could rock the night aloneslumber on January 14th, 2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
It's tonight. :|

(Hee, isn't it? I was so caught off-guard when I saw it--I thought I was just being efficient and watching three films for the price of one but I ended up loving it best. :|)